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Livestock Accessories - Poly Calf Pen - Loyal Roth Mfg

Poly Calf-Pen Systems

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Poly Calf-Pen Systems

Free Standing... No Posts to Anchor
Knockdown Completely... For Skid-Steer Cleaning

  • Unique, interlocking, tongue-in-grove design
  • Interlock side-to-side and back-to-back
  • Assemble a system to fit your exact needs
  • Easy to set-up, clean & store... by one person
  • Free-standing & wall-mount models

1 Built-in calf dividers isolate calves... reduce spread of disease (included with each side panel)
2 Hinged-door - adjusts up & down 5"... allows calf to easily feed from pails... as calf and bedding pack grow
3 Larger, 8 qt., white pails (included)... outside access for faster feeding
4 Built-in pail divider - helps keep feed dry, water clean

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