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Bale Moving Wagons - Anderson

Self-Loading Trailer TRB-600/1000/1400

High Efficiency Self-Loading Round Bale Carrier Bring in the harvest and save time, money and labor with this easy to operate, high capacity, low ground impact carrier.

High capacity

  • Available in 6, 10 or 14 bale capacity
  • Handles various bale sizes
  • High capacity hub spindle
  • High flotation tire

High autonomy

  • Fast, easy and efficient bale loading
  • Load bales from any direction
  • Automatic bale dumping platform
  • Safety feature - trailer cannot dump or push the bale when loading arm is up
  • One-man operation. Run it from your tractor seat .
Low impact
  • Operates in dry or high moisture hay with minimum ground compaction

High reliability

  • Simple hydraulic and mechanical systems, easy to use and maintain
  • Anderson-built, including high quality laser cut parts. Some parts made of high carbon steel (T1) for sturdiness and durability.

For more information, go to www.grpanderson.com.

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