Bedding Spreaders

  • Side discharge bucket designed to apply bedding material with ease
  • Keeps cows clean and comfortable and lower SCC by bedding more often, using less material
  • Durable construction allows for years of dependable service with little maintenance
  • Driven by protection hydraulic motors, all bearings are sealed bearings
  • Easy mobility for less damage to stalls or other barn equipment
  • Many models for small or large herds
  • Enclosed design minimizes leakage of material during use

  • Dual Purpose applications for shredding straw for bedding or feed baled silage
  • Animals tend to have better health from feeding chopped silage
  • Better straw utilization in loose housing due to more effective spreading
  • Clean and comfortable beds for cleaner, healthier livestock
  • Wet material causes no problems
  • Range of models for all round bales and most rectangular bales

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