TMR 3610

The TMR 3610 is part of the 10-Series indicators, released by Digi-Star in 2016. With a new microprocessor and a new display, the 10-Series indicators offer unique and useful features including:

  • Easy-to-read white backlight
  • Enhanced Rotation Counter & hour meter funtionality
  • Software updates via USB 
  • Program rations from PC or the front panel of the indicator
  • Compatible with TMR Tracker® Feed Management software and third-party bunk read programs
  • Internal “alarm light and horn” alerts operator of approaching target weights
  • Make “pen call weights” or “head count” changes from the indicator
  • Keeps up-to-date feed changes or reuses data from day-to-day
  • Help messages in 10 languages
  • Large or standard single-line alpha numeric backlit LCD
  • Load and feed as prompted by the indicator – no feed sheets or calculations needed
  • Choose how to feed, using predetermine loads or manually pick the recipe and pens to feed
  • Supports USB data transfer options
  • Supports wireless radio features of RF DataLink and Cab Control
  • Optional external light and horn

EZ 3410

The EZ 3410 is part of the Digi-Star 10-Series indicators, released in 2016. It replaced the EZ 3400VL. All 10-Series indicators come with a faster microprocessor and easy-to-read, white back light. The EZ 3410 allows you to:

  • Build multiple recipes for multiple pens
  • Utilize basic recipe and batching capabilities
  • Eliminate the need for feed sheets
  • Enter rations by three different methods:
  1. Amount per animal
  2. Percent per load
  3. Amount per load
  • Move the cursor through setup screens and menus
  • Edit existing recipes or add new recipes/rations
  • Toggling capabilities allow users to change modes (Net/Gross/Load/Unload)
  • Access a definable Ingredient Name Table
  • Choose from 1 ingredient for 98 pens, 98 ingredients for 1 pen or any combination in between

EZ 2810

Enhanced functionality with a brighter, higher-contrast display!

  • Large 1.7" (43mm) white backlit COG is easier to read than the EZ 2500 V
  • Preset Weight function provides improved accuracy and management of loading and unloading
  • Internal "alarm light & horn" alert operator of approaching target preset weights
  • Rotation Counter/Timer, a Digi-Star exclusive, aids in controlling mix time & processing
  • Machine Hour Meter records total operating time & Maintenance Message for service reminder functions (when used with Rotation Counter)
  • Optional: Remote & Serial exclusive ports, Internal & External wireless communication, External alarm

TMR 4610

The TMR 4610 upgrade is all about saving time and increasing productivity for producers. Important information is saved on a USB drive, preventing data loss and making it easier to switch mixers, should mechanical issues ensue.

The upgraded version maintains all the loading and feeding status information features of its predecessor, EZ 4600, but is loaded with new features to assist producers.


  • Log out and log in functions
  • Load and un-load progression bar graph
  • Enhanced rotation counter and hour meter
  • Internal and external radio communication
  • Settings and software updates with USB functionality

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