Hunting Blinds


The 360 blinds’ spacious 6ft, 6in high interior allows the hunter to stand fully upright, and it’s wide enough to comfortably seat two people.

The twelve by eighteen-inch tinted windows feature our state-of-the-art window raising mechanism - an utterly silent, one-handed operation.

Our solid wood frame construction and a seamless acrylic roof are built to provide hunters with many seasons of comfortable, weatherproof hunting.


The Shootin’ House is our angle on a box blind that doesn’t compromise the visibility from the corners of the blind.

With the same general dimensions of the 360 Series blinds, but with more space in each corner, this is a great blind for hunters who bring the kids or want to hang out with a buddy.


The Shanty Hunter embodies the essential blind features that practical, budget conscious hunters demand.

This blind is available at a lower price point but still has the same quality materials and seamless roof found on our other blinds.

While this blind doesn’t give you a full 360-degree view, our customers love the additional floor space provided by this design.

If you’re looking for a custom blind with room for three or 4 hunters, we can build this design with larger dimensions to fit your needs.

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