RTP Drills

Genesis No-Till Drill

RTP Outdoor's GENESIS no-till food plot drill was developed with the hunter & wildlife manager in mind. The GENESIS is a true, no till food plot drill that will plant a variety of food plot seeds and blends, into the ground, even in the toughest soil conditions. The GENESIS features tempered cutting discs, spaced at 7.5 inches apart. The discs slice into the soil, allowing the seeding mechanism to plant the seeds into the created slits and solid, rubber packing wheels trail behind the discs to close up the soil. The GENESIS will provide outstanding seed to soil contact even when cutting through standing vegetation.

The GENESIS no till style of planting is highly effective for food plots and wildlife managers. The converted seeds will have outstanding seed to soil contact, allowing for faster germination & preventing birds & other wildlife from eating the seed. No till food plotting also helps preserve soil moisture while preventing weed growth. Weeds will compete with the planted food plot species for sunlight, water and beneficial soil nutrients. Our competitors use various other methods and try to pass them off as a true no till, but only RTP Outdoors offers a machine that does not disc or turn the soil, but rather the GENESIS actually "plants" the seed into the soil. With the GENESIS, there's no need to drag the soil or "drop-n-stomp", hoping to see germination.

The GENESIS has a simple seeding mechanism that is easy to calibrate and extremely accurate. It works with various seed sizes without the need for a second seed box. That's right, the GENESIS can plant food plot seed mixes and blends, at one time, without multiple passes or changing out equipment. With no seed left exposed to wash away or be eaten by wild game, the GENESIS is the obvious choice. Why waste time and money on seed, time and time again, when you can plant it right the first time with the GENESIS no till food plot drill.

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